At Vertru, we believe that sustainability is no longer a trend, but a business imperative.

What we do

Businesses need precise, immediate, and actionable information about their supply chains, right down to the facility level where current production is happening, and where future production is being allocated.

We enable you to understand the sustainability impact and related business risks of your supplier network, from direct manufacturers all the way upstream to raw material producers, at the click of a button, rather than the weeks and months it normally takes to obtain even basic visibility.

How we do it

We actively identify thousands of ESG risk events from millions of structured and unstructured data points every single day, through a proprietary AI-enabled data platform and knowledge graph, making it easier to manage supply chain risk and compliance reporting.  We build in verification and attestation tools so that trust is high and data provenance is guaranteed.

We reduce the time, expense, and information gap that businesses always have when their supply chains are global, fragmented and span multiple production phases.  We provide a unified and real-time view that annual audits, spreadsheet-based and self-reported data cannot provide.

provenance TECHNOLOGY

Who we are

VERTRU is an emerging technology company whose founding team has developed and scaled sustainability tools supported by the European Commission, UK Government, and the Omidyar Foundation - the impact fund of eBay founder Pierre Omidyar focused on eliminating modern slavery.

Our team went to MIT, have been backed by major institutional investors in Silicon Valley and featured in Forbes, Techcrunch and the New York Times.